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Foundation What's the F doing besides filming That's Life?


Mike Rusczyk is finally putting his creativity to use. Anyone who knows Mike knows that he is one of the most underrated skateboarders out there, in terms or skateboarding ability and artistic creativity. One of Mike’s friends is starting a personalized clothing store that sells designer clothing and focuses on tee shirt design, and Mike’s helping to design a line for the store. It will give him a chance to have a store front to sell his shirts that feature, in his words, “fucked up stitching shit, stuff that’s low key and good.” He now has a 4-table screen press in his garage, and a sewing machine, so look out for Mike to be wearing some new fresh shit the way he likes it. “Been skating and shooting some photos, and nerding out on the compu-trip-flip tripper...”

Corey Duffel now rides for the Consolidated blanket team, how fun!

I’m hearing a little rumor about Leo Romero going pro, more on those rumblings when there’s more to tell.

Over all, the Foundation team is really concentrating on “That’s Life.” Justin Strubing and Daniel Shimizu just got back from Spain with a ton of amazing footage. Leo and Matt Allen are shutting down spots all over in Europe at this very moment, shooting video footage and also filming for an article in Document. The rest of the team has been filming all day, every day, putting down some film that will become a future legend. “That’s Life” is tentatively scheduled for a Spring/March 2004 release, but if you can’t wait for the premiere, you can see a teaser of the video at the upcoming ASR show in January.

Posted December 22nd, 2003 by how many times do I gotta tell ya?

Foundation Skate Park of Tampa winner!

The winner for the last Skate Park of Tampa scavenger hunt was Trevor the atheist foo, hailing from Temple Terrace, Florida. He won the Foundation gear consisting of one of the new Banana boards, a set of 52mm Whipper snapper wheels, new Ethan Fowler signature jeans, and a Circle F tee-shirt. Congrats brudda!

Stay tuned cause I think we have another contest coming up with SPOT soon.

Posted December 15th, 2003 by el laffo