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Foundation Ethan Fowler Slap interview.

Look out for Ethan Fowler's Slap interview...coming out and hitting the streets here a couple weeks!!! I heard it was....special.
Posted October 2nd, 2003 by mag ho

Foundation Rob Dyrdek's Campaign for Skate Plazas.

Rob Dyrdek, Seek and DC Shoes professional skateboarders, is a long time advocate of proper public skateparks that fit the progressive majority of street skateboarders throughout the world. He along with DC Shoes founder, Ken Block, have started a Foundation to help support and spread the word about the Skate Plaza's. The first park is under construction as we speak in Rob's hometown of Kettering, Ohio and have plans to persuade San Diego to address the problem of badly built skateparks.

To find out more and how you can help go to

Posted October 1st, 2003 by Rob Dyrdek