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Foundation Dude! Where's my board? Tour.

Foundation is going to Europe in the highly anticipated "Dude, Where's my board? Tour. Pros Ethan Fowler, Justin Strubing and Daniel Shimizu show F Ams Corey Duffel and Tony Silva the ropes in Europe. Tentative dates as follow stay tuned for updates and more details!

Date Location What
June 21st Copenhagen Scandinavian Open
June 22nd Copenhagen Scandinavian Open
June 23rd Copenhagen Scandinavian Open
June 25th Germany Demo
June 26th Germany Signing
June 27th Germany Signing
June 28th Germany Demo
June 30th Austria Signing
July 1st Austria Demo
July 2nd Switzerland Signing
July 3rd Switzerland Signing
July 4th Laussane Grand Prix
July 5th Laussane Grand Prix
July 6th Laussane Grand Prix
July 7th Laussane Grand Prix
July 8th Switzerland Signing
July 9th Switzerland Signing
July 11th Dortmund Dortmund Contest
July 12th Dortmund Dortmund Contest
July 13th Dortmund Dortmund Contest
July 14th Dortmund Dortmund Contest
Posted May 30th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Washington Street Skatepark Benefit.

The Washington Street Skatepark needs your help. The boys have organized a benefit concert, June 14th at Brick by Brick here in San Diego.

Scope the flyer.

Incase you don't know or haven't heard, the park is well on it's way. Construction is heavy and daily. Whenever you have some free time - go help out. It's fun and you're actually contributing to a real root-dog cause. there's no pre-fab here!

For more info on the Washington Street Skatepark go to

Posted May 23rd, 2002 by yo momma

Foundation Tum Yeeeto Weebsite Weener!!

The Tum Yeto website winner for April wasn't easy to find! We searched long and tall to find the perfect random winner. Actually the Tum Yeto HAL 2001 artificial intelligence server picked the winner. But who cares? All you know is that unless your name is Niki Moyer and you live in Pennsylvania, you've lost!

Niki is excited to get this big 'ol box of Foundation gear. A Jon West Bloodfest board (to celebrate Jon's new commercial) a set of original star & moon 53mm wheels, a couple of immoderate all cotton tees with screen printed logos, a pair of indigo jeans, Good Times are Killing Me tour video, 3.0 cap, one of the new day backpacks, a chainless chain wallet, OG beanie, a couple of accessories like a belt, coozie, yadda, yadda, some stickers and a Finger banner. and thats it! What! You want more! Jeeze!

You too can be deprived of your bereavement at only a fraction of the penalty. Just click on this little . to enter next months drawing.

Posted May 23rd, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation Corey Duffel now on Speed Metal.

Corey Duffel just accepted sponsorship from Speed Metal bearings. Can they hold up to Corey's skating? We will see soon my Patowan learner. Soon the force be living inside you. It will.
Look for ads to be out soon!
Posted May 16th, 2002 by el corey

Foundation Corey Duffel Places 2nd place in Seattle!

Newest Foundation team rider Corey Duffel places 2nd place in the Seattle contest this last weekend!! Good job Corey!
Posted May 13th, 2002 by Josh Beagle

Foundation F Pop Top decks out now!

These highly durable and stiff decks are the acclaim of the Foundation team.

"Stiffer than a boy scout at cheer leader camp," says Ethan Fowler.

Go here now to get the specs and cashing out details.

"To be reckoned with..." Yuck Fou

Posted May 9th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Up with the Punks!

Let the politicians know that we won't stand down when it comes to our rights to skateboard and have public, free skateparks.

Go here now and give em hell.

Yuck "Punk" Fou

Posted May 9th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Duffel and Silva attack at Sound and Fury

Foundation destroyers Corey Duffel and Tony Silva are in Seattle at the Sound and Fury World Amatuer Competition this weekend.

these guys are "to be reckoned with..."

Stay tuned.

Posted May 9th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Jon West Slasher Commercial

Check out this video of the Jon West Slasher Deck commercial! (You will need Quicktime to view it, and it is about 400k in size)

Jon West Slasher Commercial

Posted May 8th, 2002 by Some Random Serial Murderer

Foundation Transworld Skateboarding Magazine

The word on the streets is that Justin Strubing is on the cover of the new "Pro Issue" TWS Magazine. Right on Justin!
Posted May 7th, 2002 by Joshua Beagle

Foundation Foundation So. Cal. Tour?

Word around the FOSKCO offices is that Foundation may be going on a mini So. Cal. tour, around the begining of June. We are still working on the dates and locations, so check back soon for more details.
Posted May 6th, 2002 by el ztaffo