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Foundation Newest member of the secret society. is the newest co-operative in the FOSKCO secret society. Go check out their site and play our little game. We’re having a Secret Society Scavenger Hunt. If you think your good enough, try to answer the questions and win some kick ass Foundation stuff. Are you good enough?
Posted August 29th, 2001 by el ztaffo

Foundation Win F gear at

Go to and enter to win some good ole Foundation products. Your only allowed to enter once per day, so bide your time. It's a negative trend. Don't do it!
Posted August 28th, 2001 by el ztaffo

Foundation f tour coverage 2001 Skate Odessy Tour met up with the Foundation Tragic Hysteria Tour. We took all Lance's money the first night! Check it out.

We have update the Notes from the road at with photos from the first few demos.

Keep on rolling.

Posted August 14th, 2001 by Yuck Fou

Foundation F Tour Update Posted

A quick update from the road check it at Notes from the road.
Posted August 9th, 2001 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Tour Diary and more...

Check the Foundation Tour Diary for up to date reports from the road. We will be posting editorial and photos from each demo as we cross the United States on the Tragic Hysteria tour. Check it out daily biotch.

We have the Ad Archive up and running. See our newest and oldest campaigns of marketing wizardry. We are so good!?!?

Tod Swank retorts to poo face's constant accusations in the new issue of Big Brother magazine. is now up.

Posted August 6th, 2001 by Yuck Fou